Introduction to the J-CERT Review

Title textbooks
Eclipse (J-CERT life, functional materials test confirmed by the Japanese regulations)
Author Moriya Michiyo, Mr. Lin, Pan Village, with Peng Lu Guang
Publisher Peking University Press
Introduce "Japanese practice" college education self-study Japanese professional series of textbooks in Reading deep. This is a series of materials for Beijing examination of certain materials, through self-examination experts for a full course of college. In-depth reading from college to university is "primary (upper and lower)", "medium (upper and lower volume)," "superior (upper and lower volume)," a total of six. Compiling teaching materials, a powerful, vibrant, practical language, information, life, new choreography, form, simple, flexible, effective, and with an MP3-CD. Free, can easily help learners practice speaking ability and J-CERT life, function integration directly verified by the Japanese. Textbook text conversations of a number of Japanese experts and scholars on the basis of full discussion of collective writing skills, to ensure that the language of tunnels, specifications, for Most people learn Japanese to provide a quality study material. Plays fixed dramatis personae, the story coherent, is fully reflected in the Japanese language features provide a guarantee. At the same time natural and logical situations, lively, attractive language, and strive to help the students happy and happy when completing the study.
Book's name
 Click on Japan
 Author  著 著
 Publisher  Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press
 Introduce  With the advent of the age of globalization, the new problem faced by foreign language learners is that in mastering the languages ​​of the target countries there must also be a good understanding of the target countries. History, geography, politics, economics, diplomacy, education, social, cultural and other aspects background. This will not only motivate language learners to better master the language of target countries, but also to deepen understanding of target countries to facilitate future research, Work and study.
 Book's name  Talk about Japanese culture
 Author  冲 冲, 部 修 著 著
 Publisher  Dalian University of Technology Press
 Introduce  "Japan has talked about Japanese culture" to learn about Japan, customs, folklore, its deep thinking and cause the reader to hide one's humanity at a level cultural. Through training and living in Japan for nearly a decade, the authors of sharp insights and deep understanding of Japanese culture have interpreted this unique.
Book's name Japan Business Etiquette Rule 100
Author (日) 中 万里 著 孙惠 从 译 译
Publisher Dalian University of Technology Press
Introduce Dalian University of Technology Press